Who doesn’t love to travel to beautiful places? Here are a few hidden gems we have found in San Francisco. This infographic showcases 6 Hidden gems of San Francisco.

First, the Wave Organ. As the tide changes, so do the sounds that the Wave Organ makes. Today the San Francisco Columbarium is a beloved local landmark for its art nouveau stained glass windows.

The Land’s End Labyrinth is one of the most beautiful spots in San Francisco and should not be missed. Head to Balmy Alley as it is the most concentrated collection of murals.

Clipper Cove is a hidden stretch of beach to the south of Treasure Island’s yacht harbor. Shakespeare Garden has stone tables engraved with quotations from his plays mixed in with the plants that really put you in the mood.


Source: https://www.multichoiceinsurance.com/infographics/6_hidden_gems_of_san_francisco/

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