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Terms of Submission

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  • the infographic does not contain nudity, copyright graphic images, or obscenities.
  • your infographic is in English (we accept infographics in English only);
  • your infographic contains useful and interesting information which is not strictly related to advertising your product/service;
  • all facts, data and other information presented in your infographic are fair, accurate and verifiable;
  • you are an official representative or original designer/owner of the infographic.

AGREE that:

  • We may publish your infographic on our site;
  • We remain the right not to publish your infographic unless the submission is paid;
  • We may use extracts from your infographic (e.g. thumbnails or key information) in order to to promote your infographic on our site and/or our official profiles on social media sites;
  • We may disregard the infographic description provided in the form below completely or partially if it is not unique or contains offensive/explicit language;
  • We may reproduce and/or distribute your infographic on its own, or with other related material, throughout the Internet and if needed, to authorize others to do the same.

Paid promotion:

Keep in mind that due to the large amount of infographic submissions we receive every day, our manual review process takes months.
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After you submit the infographic here, we will contact you within 48 hours for further details and payment information.


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How to improve the chances of your infographic being published on Infographic Plaza?

Write a unique minimum 200 words description of the infographic that is published nowhere else. We publish infographics with unique and interesting descriptions with priority.

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Please upload the infograhic on your website first and then provide the URL of the image in the URL field below.
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