That’s right, according to official statistics; Mexico tops the list of countries that shower the most. Close to 90% of Mexicans shower every single day, compared to approximately 70% of Americans. Does this mean Americans aren’t as hygienic as Mexicans, or does it mean Americans think about the environment more than Mexicans? Second on the list is Australia, followed by France, USA, UK, Russia, Sweden, Germany and then China. Just 25% of Chinese men shower every day.

On average, women tend to shower longer than men, averaging 14 minutes compared to 12. I suppose this could be because they’re thinking about what they need to do in the day as 64% of women think about their to-do lists while showering, compared to just 48% of men.

While women can claim the ‘shower time’ and ‘planning the day’ titles, men can claim the DIY shower repair title, fixing twice as many shower problems as women do. Men also swoop in for the win to take the daily showering title, where the stats show that 70% of men shower every day compared to 57% of women; but I suppose most men don’t have the same mass of hair to worry about as women do! If you’re a man, next time you see your spouse, say that men shower more and I’m sure their response will be something to do with hair. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Again, a man takes the title for the longest shower on record, in 1985; Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy set a world record by taking a 341 hour shower. That’s 14.2 days! Surely he had to have breaks to eat? Does anybody know what harm that could do to the body being wet for 14 days?



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