Pimples or acne are most common in teenagers as an explicit sign of entering adolescence. It generally occur when the oil glands excessively secrete sebum or oily substance coming from the body and blocks the pores. Pimples can leave permanent marks on the area where it surfaced and affect a person’s faith in oneself.

There’s no clear-cut reason to explain the materialization of pimples but stress, poor hygiene, junk food, cosmetics, hormones, and puberty are considered to be the main source.

Nose, neck, back and shoulders are the most common areas of the body where pimples become apparent. And when it does, it can definitely affect one’s self-esteem.Tempting as it may be, improper pimple removal can actually do more harm than good.

If you are tired of constantly popping localized pimple breakouts and can’t take the pain, here’s an infographic by SkinCell, a dermatology clinic in Manila, that tackles the basic truths about acne as well as interesting facts that you would want to know.



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