Infographic Distribution Service


Try our Infographic submission service 2.0 and get your infographic distributed to high authority infographic sites

What is new about our updated Infographic Distribution Service?

  • We updated and refined our list with infographic sites;
  • Your infographic will be published on more sites instantly;
  • You get more instant links from authority infographic sites;
  • Affordable prices – 50% off the previous price.

After spending thousands of dollars to get a quality and informative infographic designed that promotes your business it is hight time to get it distributed over the web.  There are a lot of infographic showcase sites and image galleries and submitting your infographic to them can be very tedious and time-consuming activity. On the other hand, most of the infographic sites are abandoned by their admins and are not updated regularly.

That is why we have designed a quality and effective infographic distribution service at a reasonable price. Our infographic submission service saves you a lot of hours boring filling blank fields with the information to tens of infographic sites and checking them whether they are up to date. We have been running this infographic distribution service for more than a year, and hundreds of satisfied returning customers are vouching for the quality of our infographic distribution service.

Why choose Infographic Plaza infographic distribution service ?

  • 100% Manual submission - our team of professionals will manually submit your infographic. The beauty is in the details;
  • Top infographic sites – we have researched and collected the best infographic sites for maximum exposure of your infographic;
  • Top image gallery sites – we will distribute your infographic to the top image galleries. These are high authority sites where your infographic will be seen by thousand of real people;
  • Top Doc sharing sites – we will convert to PDF and submit your infographic to the top doc sharing sites that will bring you real readers of your infographic and quality backlinks to your site;
  • Social promotion – we will share your infographic on Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and other social networks;
  • Featured on Infographic Plaza – your infographic will be featured on the home page of Infographic Plaza for 7 days;
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution - we will write one 500-word Press Release and distribute to 70+ Press Release web sites;
  • Flexible turnaround time – we can speed up the process according to your needs;
  • Full reports - our reports are comprehensive and contain all instant published links.

How our infographic promotion service works

Our experienced team of professionals will manually submit your infographic to all of the infographic and image sites and we will send you a detailed report afterwards. Here it is how the infographic marketing process works in steps:

1. Choose a package

Check out the packages we are offering at this moment and choose the one that best fits your pocket and needs.

2. Submit your information

Fill out the submission form carefully. Each field is required. The Description field is crucial as it is very important to provide an unique and informative description of the infographic.

3. Information Review

Your submission details will be reviewed in 48 hours to ensure you have provided all the information needed to start the infographic distribution. We will send you the list of the infographic sites for you approval before starting the infographic promotion.
If further details are needed or the information is not proper, you will be informed by email to get the required information as soon as possible.

4. Payment

We will send you the payment information as soon as soon as you provide all the information needed for the submission.

5. Our magic

Once we have all the proper information needed and payment made, our submission team will proceed with the manual submission to our list of infographic galleries and other sites. The maximum turnaround time is 7 days.

6. Completion Report

As soon as the infographic promotion is completed we will send you a success report with all the sites that have published your infographic and proofs for the submission.

Keep in mind before orderding ..

 Our responsibility

We guarantee that we will do our best your infographic to be published on maximum infographic sites. Image gallery sites and doc sharing sites approve infographics instantly.[/success]

We are not responsible

We cannot guarantee that your infographic will be published on all infographic sites. Many of the sites are strictly moderated and it takes some time to be reviewed all submissions.

Terms of the Service

By ordering any package of Infographic Plaza Distribution service (“the Service”) You PROMISE that:
  • You are an official representative or original designer/owner of the infographic;
  • The infographic does not contain nudity, graphic images, or obscenities. We accept infographics in English only;
  • All facts, data and other information presented in your infographic are fair, accurate and verifiable;
  • You have been informed of the terms, conditions, process and result of the Service;
  • You will submit valid information/details regarding the infographic and connected with the Service where/when needed in a timely manner;
  • You will inform Infographic Plaza team for any changes regarding the infographic after submitting the information/details about it;
  • You will provide any additional information/details connected with the Service when asked;
  • You will inform Infographic Plaza team for any specific requirements/queries of yours closely connected with the Service;
  • You will pay the price of the Service depending on the chosen package by Paypal;
  • You will inform Infographic Plaza team for any problems connected with your Paypal account before paying the price if the problems are crucial for the Paypal transaction;
  • You will accept and examine carefully the final report that you will receive after order completion;
  • You will contact Infographic Plaza team as soon as possible if you are not satisfied with some aspects/the result of the Service;
By ordering any package of Infographic Plaza Distribution service (“the Service”) You AGREE that:
  • We may publish your infographic on our site and other sites connected with Infographic Plaza;
  • We may use extracts from your infographic (e.g. thumbnails or key information) in order to promote your infographic on any site related to the chosen package connected with the Service;
  • We may reproduce and/or distribute your infographic on its own, or with other related material, throughout the Internet and if needed, to authorize others to do the same;
  • We may use the submitted by you information, regarding the infograhic and connected with the Service, for the purpose of the Service;
  • We may fully refund you if we are not able to complete your order in the terms and conditions of the Service;
  • You may not be refunded if you are not satisfied with the completion of the order or some of its aspects whenever Infographic Plaza is not directly responsible for the final result.



30 Infographic Sites
Image Galleries
5 PDF Sites
Social Promotion
7 days Featured on Infographic Plaza
Full report
Delivery in 7 days
30 Infographic Sites
Image Galleries
5 PDF Sites
Social Promotion
7 days Featured on Infographic Plaza
Full report
Delivery in 3 days
30 Infographic Sites
Image Galleries
5 PDF Sites
Social Promotion
Press Release Writing
Press Release Distribution
7 days Featured on Infographic Plaza
Full report
Delivery in 14 days