Sexual assault in the military happens more often than you think. It’s an unfortunate fact, but it’s true: 80,000 sexual assaults were reported between the years 2006-2012. Social Work Degree Center has created an infographic entitled “The War Within: Sexual Abuse in the Military” detailing how sexual abuse in the military has reached epidemic proportions. According to the infographic below, nearly 80,000 sexual assaults reported by active-duty military members between 2006 and 2012.

On the other hand, there is a slight decrease in the active-duty members experiencing unwanted sexual contact by year compared to 2006. As stated in the infographic, assault usually goes unreported. For example, 238 individuals were convicted of sexual assault in 2012. Furthermore, within the military, there are two ways victims can report sexual assault – restricted or unrestricted. The vast majority of victims in unrestricted reports are female.

Additionally, the top reasons for sexual assault going unreported are listed in the infographic.



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