Deep breath. You’ve got this. Here, Tama Bloch, RDN, an Abbott research scientist specializing in pediatric nutrition, shares her top five tips for making your baby’s transition to real foods a smooth one that will set the stage for a lifetime of good nutrition. The following infographic showcases 5 key strategies for switching your baby to solid food.

During your baby’s sixth month of life, you should ask yourself if your baby is a healthy weight as well as does your baby show interest in watching others eat.

Next, mix cereals and purees. Over time, you can decrease the amount of liquid used and increase the frequency of solid-food feedings.

Early exposure to junk foods can increase children’s preferences for them and negatively impacts their future eating habits so keep the cooking jar closed.


Source: http://www.nutritionnews.abbott/healthy-moms-babies/introduce-your-baby-to-solid-food.html

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