Having a disaster kit is an important step to have your family prepared for an emergency. Learn what items you need to have and what you have to consider to build your own disaster kit and how to maintain it in the best conditions so you can face any difficult event with a plan and the essentials to keep your family safe.

This infographic explains everything you need to know about disaster kits. According to the infographic, knowing the type of risks is the first line of defense including both natural and man-made disasters.

The essentials of prepping yourself for disasters should consist of making a plan, creating neighborhood safety plan, identifying emergency exits and routes as well as building family disaster kits.

Read what is the recommended list of the must-have items in a basic disaster supplies kit. Among them are water, cell phone charger, food, whistle for signaling, flashlight and more.

Moreover, there are additional supplies as per requirement. Not only pet food and fire extinguisher but also identification documents and sleeping bags could be pointed out as important additional supplies. It is quite crucial to be aware how to maintain your disaster supply kit. Store the disaster kit in easy to reach a cool and dry place.


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