Despite being the end of 2015, we should look at the biggest data breach in 2014. The following infographic explores the five top data breaches of 2014. Besides, the infographic explores the number of people affected, how long it takes to discover a data breach on average, how much they cost, etc.

The hackers behind these data breaches are after one thing: your personal information. According to the infographic, most households and people were affected due to the Ebay and JPMorganChase data breaches. What is more, the JPMorganChase data breach also affected seven million small businesses.

Furthermore, it takes usually 3 months to find out who is behind the data breach. However, sometimes it takes a lot more time to discover the intruders. For example, it took almost a year after the Michaels data breach.

As stated in the infographic, lost reputation is the number one consequence of the data breaches experienced by companies.


Source: http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/mega-data-breach.html

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