Today more and more people are open to changing their habits to incorporate healthier lifestyle choices, such as healthier meals and more physical activity. However, that is difficult to manage with long work hours and family. It is so easy to give in to fast food and quick unhealthy snacks, because sometimes it’s impossible to find the time to whip up a proper meal at home.

Smoothies are a really good choice in today’s fast-paced times. The only thing you need for a smoothie meal is a powerful blender and some fresh fruits and veggies. Technically, you also need milk or yogurt, but some people use water instead of milk. The idea is to get a meal that is as rich in vitamins and nutrients as possible, and at the same time delicious and easy to prepare. So, by throwing the right combination of veggies, fruits, spices, herbs and beverages into the blender, you can fix an awesome meal in only a few minutes, and that meal will contains everything your body needs to function properly.

Based on different ingredients’ characteristics and benefits, you can now create smoothies that are good for a specific situation or mood. For example, if you include cabbage, lemon, carrots, beets and some other healthy ingredients, you’ll be able to detox and filter your liver more successfully than if you eat something heavy and greasy after a night out drinking.

The following infographic presents 10 smoothies that are perfect for 10 different moods or occasions, so take a look and learn how to fix a quick meal that will be appropriate for your current situation.



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