There are all kinds of electricians out there today and they come in all kinds of titles that are hard to tell apart, for the common person. Below are a few guidelines to help you pick an electrician that is best suited for the job you have.

Education levels

Just like in any other field, the professional that you hire should be up-to-date with the current electrical related courses and equipment.

This makes them more conversant with the latest technology which is a guarantee that they will give you quality results that you want.

Relevant permits

If you are looking to have the mains of your house or business property replaced, it is a law requirement in most countries that a permit be obtained from the relevant authorities. This also applies when you intend to do major electrical services in your property. The electrician you hire should be in a position to obtain permits from the power company whenever they are needed.


Most countries require that qualified electricians be licensed. As a client looking to get electrical services, ensure that the license is up to date and genuine. A lack of license may indicate that the service provider is not qualified.

Area of specialization

There are many areas that an electrician can specialize in and though all may do most of the basic electrical jobs, an expert is best suited to do a job in their area of specialization. With this in mind, if you want a wiring expert, hire the one who has specialized in that area.

Enquire who will do the work

When you call an electrical company, the person you talk to over the phone or in person may not be the person who will do the job for you. This is how most customers end up with a lesser qualified person than they wanted. Ask the service provider, who will do the job, their qualifications and their rates so that you don’t end up with substandard services or with a price shock at the end.

Go for service providers who offer warranties

A company that offers warranties most likely has qualified personnel. Parts should also have warranties so that in case they have a manufacturers fault, you don’t lose your hard earned cash.



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