Your sacroiliac, or SI joints create the junction between your spine and your pelvis. Although limited in movement, SI joints play a vital role during physical activity, absorbing shock from impact forces and transferring upper body forces to the pelvis and lower extremities. Your SI joints are supported by a strong network of ligaments and muscles that provide stability and protection.

Most pain originating in the low back and pelvis can be treated and resolved without surgery. Seeking help through a chiropractor or physical therapist can eliminate the source of pain, and rehabilitate any movement deficiencies that may have caused it.

The sports medicine team at NYDNRehab uses state of the art technology combined with top notch expertise to diagnose and treat SI pain. Do not allow pain to keep you from the activities you enjoy and the lifestyle you love. Contact NYDNRehab today, and find out why our sports medicine specialists offer in NYC.



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