We all know that divorces can be stressful. However, it is vital that we keep our heads and act in the right manner. The following infographic illustrates the 20 worst things you can do in a divorce.

Ignoring your children’s feelings could result in kids becoming depressed or even worse. Then, trying to get more than your fair share of the settlement. Next, refusing to sign the divorce paperwork and stop speaking with your ex-partner. Another thing is blaming anyone else for your divorce as well as ignoring the truth. Your lawyer might have to bring you back to reality. They are only trying to help you get the best outcome. Do not penalize them for it.

The list of things not to do during a divorce further includes refusing to consider mediation, making assumptions regarding your case and letting your emotions control your actions. Read the whole infographic to see what is not recommendable to do during your divorce.


Source: http://www.micklinlawgroup.com/infographic-20-worst-thing/

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