Alibaba and Amazon are frontrunners in the online retail market, and both of them are growing at a fast pace.

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer was founded by Jeff Bezos as Cadabra in 1994, and renamed as Amazon. Chinese e commerce giant Alibaba was founded by Jack Ma and 17 other co-founders in 1999.

Alibaba’s IPO was the largest in the world, after raising $25 billion that gave it a market value of USD 231.44 billion. Amazon, on the other hand, raised $54 million through its IPO that gave it a market value of $438 million.

In would be interesting to note that Amazon dominates Alibaba in terms of market capitalization and market value ranking, and Forbes ranks Amazon as #4 and Alibaba as # 12 worldwide in market value.

But here’s what:
Alibaba has much more potential for growth than Amazon. More than 80% of all online purchase in China may be dominated by Alibaba, but with internet penetration still close to only 50% in China, there is a large user base that Alibaba can still tap into in their home turf.

The infographic below from Ecommerce highlights interesting stats and figures of these two Ecommerce giants.



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