Rest is an essential part of any workout routine to help your muscles recover, grow and refuel for your next training session. Whet it comes to rest, most people are not getting enough of the most important kind: sleep. This infographic is related to rest and recovery explaining how to build muscle while you sleep.

It is proven that without the proper amount and quality of sleep your body’s primary source of stored carbohydrate energy can diminish. Glycogen helps your muscles repair and incorporate new proteins. A poor night’s sleep can do more than sap your energy levels, it can cause you to lose, rather than gain muscle.

When good stress, like a 10-mile training run, is not balanced with rest it can increase your risk of high cortisol levels, depleted glycogen reserves, and overtraining syndrome. As you can see, sleep – especially in combination with the right bedtime nutrients – is way more than time spent away from the gym. It is the key to achieving your fitness, exercise, and muscle health goals.



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