After your flight, you are all set to hit the beach, but your body clock has other ideas – it is the dreaded jet lag. There is no magic pill to prevent it, but there are plenty of tricks to stop it ruining your holiday. This handy infographic showcases 15 smart ways to beat jet lag and enjoy your holiday.

A brief explanation states that jet lag is caused by a flight’s direction, not its length. As you probably know the clock changes 1 hour every 15 degrees traveled east or were from the Greenwich Meridian. Crossing these time zones disrupts your body’s natural 24-hour clock and this is known as the ‚Äúcircadian rhythm”.

The symptoms of jet lag include disturbed sleep patterns, headaches, and exhaustion. Then the infographic provides a list of 15 ways to beat jet lag. Before you go change your sleep routine and wear sunglasses. Read the full infographic related to jet lag cures and be prepared for your next flight.



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