Cocktails are an inevitable part of our modern lifestyle and people love them. Of course, they are not a new invention. Watching the television drama Mad Men set in 1960-1970’s, you can often see Don Draper drinking classic cocktails in a classy suit, Whisky Sour for instance. There are thousands of different cocktail recipes with pictures on the Web. Consequently, their pictures are combining amazing colours and mixed quality beverages.

The following infographic illustrates a few cocktail recipes that will take your cocktails to the next level. The infographic gives a cocktail called Workout cocktail to follow up your workout. It consists of simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, white rum, port and egg white. Another cited cocktail is the Reservoir Dog. The cocktail recipe includes Jagermeister and Irish cream. This infographic also provides the ingredients for Blackberry Kir Royale and Flaming Lamborghini and how to make them.



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