During 2015 we say a lot of changes and some not-so-big surprises regarding restaurants. This infographic showcases what restaurants should know for 2016. For every restaurant owner would be very beneficial to keep in mind the following tips.

Locally sources meats and seafood will continue to be a top food trend for 2016. This applies to local beers, wine and spirits as well. In the second place, the food waste is taken into consideration by the public. For that reason, mind your restaurant reduction management.

Offering delivery, complemented by services such as Google, Amazon Prime could reinvent the whole industry. Consumers are willing to use food delivery applications and internet services so delivery would never be the same.

Spicy food trends are nothing new for millennials. It is foreseen in 2016 the search for the next hot ethnic flavor intensify. Last but not the least, labor costs will increase due to new mandates. Therefore businesses need to be prepared to have the capital to cover the healthcare and wage costs.


Source: https://www.nationalbusinesscapital.com/what-restaurants-need-to-know-2016#.VuBBa_krKM

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