Every foreign student coming to the UK always seeks for something more than just education. We can call it a desire to find out more about different cultural features and habits. Things might get a bit out of balance here, considering, of course, how much did you drink last night with your new fellas learning new country. The infographic below captures amazing international tips on how to get through a hangover.

You will learn how to get through a hangover thanks to tips originating from USA, Ireland, Russia, France, Italy, Mexico and Japan. One good tip when being in Italy is to drink a double espresso and hit the road. This will relief your head and refresh you for sure.

While in Ireland, enjoy bacon, sausages, pudding, mushrooms, fried tomato, fried eggs, baked beans and soda bread. If in Mexico, challenge your stomach with a Mexican shrimp and shellfish salad. In case you get drunk in Japan, you will be advised to eat umeboshi and miso soup.



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