Most HR professionals agree that employees would benefit from taking more vacation days. A great number of American workers do not take advantage of all their paid time off. But why is that? The following infographic explains the benefits of taking vacations and their advantages.

Among the cited benefits of taking more vacation time are increasing job satisfaction, improving finance and increasing productivity. Besides, the infographic shows statistics about the reality. For example, more than 60% of companies report employees have an average of 3+ unused vacation days each year. Only 25% of the responders took all their time off while 15% of workers do not take any time off.

According to the infographic, the majority of employees admit to doing some work while on vacation and not relaxing. Additionally, the infographic explains the most common reasons for not taking vacations and working. More than 20% of responders claim that the reason is their complete dedication to the company. Check out the infographic below to learn the most common reason.



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