The following infographic displays the cost of living in the UK compared to wages. This beautiful infographic shows how much struggle it can be to pay your own way in Britain today. Far from the work-shy shirkers, scroungers or just plain old lazy that many of those on lower incomes have sometimes been portrayed as, such workers are fighting against spiralling living costs in all parts of the country. Sadly, the trend indicates that this will not cease to be the case anytime soon.

When comes to house prices, it is estimated that an average house price 17 years ago was almost 75k compared to more than 177k in 2014. Surprisingly, the average price for a house in 2015 increased to the stunning 284k.

As for the rent, the percentage of rent increase is 18%. The infographic illustrates the median rent, average rent and percentage increase in the different regions of UK.

Finally, the infographic provides statistics about the average wages in all regions of UK. For example, the average wage in 1999 was 20k and since then the increase is 27%.



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