With the fluctuations of the stock market and currencies, many people invest in gold and silver. It is a common saying that when markets are unstable gold is the best investment. Therefore, the precious metals such as silver and gold are the smart investment for future in any forms. When investing in gold and silver coins one question is how to recognize fake gold coins from real. Take a look at the infographic that describes simple and effective actions which will save your money, nerves and help to determine the authenticity of gold and silver coins.

When it comes to gold coins, there are numerous steps to follow. First, look at coin and examine thickness and diameter. Second step is to look narrowly at both sides of coin. Sometimes unskillful cheaters make unapologetic mistakes.

As for the silver coins, some tricks to recognize the authentic coins should be mentioned as well. Freeze ice cube and put it on a silver coin. Besides, silver sounds very resonant and clear. Check out the bleacher test too in the infographic below.



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