This infographic illustrates the long and contradictive evolution of infographics during the last several thousand years. We can divide the evolution into periods. The first period is called Pre 1700s and what is typical is the birth of maps, measurement and graphics. For instance, the oldest known map is dated 6200 BC. Furthermore, charts are born and during the 1800s there was a growth of charts and visualization techniques.

Remarkable charts of this time are the “Tableau graphique”(1844), “Physical Atlas”(1838) and “Choropleth map”(1826). Chronologically, it came to the golden age of data visualization in the 1850s that continued until the 1900s. Despite that the early 1900s were called the Modern Dark Ages. Nevertheless, the demand for data visualization was restored in the mid-1900s. Moreover, infographics were popularized in publications.


Source: https://venngage.com/blog/evolution-of-infographics/

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