Learn how to get student loan forgiveness (Step-by-Step Instructions). The following infographic explores the topic how to get student loan forgiveness.

Step 1 – Consolidate your federal student loans.

Step 2 – After consolidating — You then need to get on the right repayment plan.

Here is an example of the different student loan consolidation repayment plans available: — After consolidating, you need to select the right repayment plan that fits your budget.

Students can have thousands of dollars in student loan debt completely forgiven. The portion of your student loan debt that is forgiven – does not have to be paid.

Any student can qualify for student loan forgiveness. You don’t have to work in a public service job. If you work in a public service job you can have your loan balance forgiven in a shorter time-frame, but anyone can get student loan forgiveness no matter what type of job they have.



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