The 10-year history of Crypto Gambling Due to the rapid changes in the financial sector, cryptocurrencies became the dominant field in the industry. One of the main reasons why it has become so popular and widespread is due to its limitless potential and ability to spread over new territories. In the territories, we mean different fields, for example, such as Crypto Gambling that has its own history since 2011, already 10 years.

From the beginning, not a lot of people had the information about the innovations in the financial market, and cryptocurrency appeared in online gambling only on one website – switchpoker.com. Compared to today’s reality, you can find thousands of different websites or online platforms that support the crypto-industry and give them importance by adding a payment method. There are still many opportunities that crypto-currencies can use to their advantage and make valuable changes in the financial industry, generally.

For the majority of the general public, the growth of Crypto Gambling was not easily understandable, this is why BitcoinCasinosReviews created this infographic, to outline the major events happening through these years. The peak of the industry is considered to be 2017 when bitcoin’s price was increased 13 times, but this year, the historical maximum was increased by 4 times, reaching almost $60,000.

Experts, who have been analyzing the market for several years already, expect that the main trade value of cryptocurrencies will be produced on casino websites. iGaming is a perfect example of it, as it is promoting the price uprise of cryptocurrencies, especially, bitcoin. Similarities between Cryptocurrencies and online casinos give them the chance to operate together in very profitable terms.


Source: https://bitcoincasinosreviews.com/history-of-crypto-gambling-infographic/

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