SMS opt-in campaigns are intended to be attractive to targeted customers, but if opt-in messages don’t give customers what they want or become invasive in their delivery, the campaigns won’t work. Learn how to optimise your opt-in campaign so that customers are persuaded to engage with your messages, not just one but continuously. This covers numerous topics regarding SMS opt-in campaigns and provides some insights.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 text messages are opened within 3 seconds of being received.

According to the infographic, the main reasons for people choosing to opt in are receiving coupons, information and signing up for contests.

Later on, the infographic explains how to build an SMS opt-in contact list through advertising such as social media channels, email contact list, and roadside billboards. You will read how to optimise your SMS opt-in strategy.


Source: http://www.neonsms.ie/


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