Want to learn how to become a Canadian Mountie?

This infographic shares the requirements a fully-qualified Canadian Mountie needs as well as detailing all the major events that have occurred in their history.

Canadian Affair have also created a quiz you can play to see if you could become a Canadian Mountie.

If you wan to become a Mountie you should be super fit as well as have good eyes and ears. For example, Mounties must pass a PARE. It is an interesting fact that most Mounties wear blue or brown uniforms day-to-day. The red serge is saved for special events. Next, Mounties are assessed by the RCMP Health Services. Medical, lab and psychological exams must meet minimum standards.

Legend had it that Al Capone ran a bootlegging business out of Moose Jaw during the American Prohibition, right under the noses of Mounties trying to shut down illegal operations. Turns out the story was a marketing ploy to attract tourists to the town!



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