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As much as painting can be somehow complicated, it isn’t hard to learn. At least not when you have a simple step by step guide to show you how it is done. All you have to do is follow it to the latter. Here is one that can really help to improve your painting skills.

First rule of painting is to always prepare the surface. Clean up the wall, floor, roof, or whatever area that is to be painted. Get the necessary cleaning tools for eliminating dust, stain, and any other foreign objects from the surface. You could use stiff brushes and mild detergents, or hire a power washer when working on large surfaces. Rotten or splintered wood and damaged weather stripping should be replaced immediately while windows and door frames must be repaired. Nothing should get in your way when the actual painting begins.

Next step would be to look out for gaping holes and cracks on the surface. These are to be filled and sand scrapped to smoothen. Get resin filler for large holes and spackle for shallow ones, while caulk will take care of the cracks.

Third step is application of the primer. Here, you must first choose between the oil or latex primer. If you are working on metal, chalked surface, or new wood, then oil-based primer would be the ideal pick. Water-based, latex primers work well on galvanized metals, brick & concrete, and soft wood. The advantage of using latex primer is that it will dry faster, while oil primer has the benefit of being used with either oil or latex paint. Never apply any of the primers in direct sunlight because they will blister and won’t penetrate deep into the surface.

Prepare for a Painting Job like a Pro-infographic-plaza


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