Despite law is a very serious field of knowledge a fresh look is always appreciated. In that context the following infographic entitled „Nine Circles of Dante’s Law Office” shows how clerk can’t become Clark Kent, the „Lawyer Whose Clients Loved him”. To understand the main idea of the infographic you should be aware of the notorious Dante’s writing „Inferno.”

For decades, the legal profession laboured under a heavy burden, many years after the birth of the mighty clock began measuring lawyer’s time, a miracle occurred. New philosophy was born.

The infographic illustrates the stages how to become a lawyer clients love. The main character portrayed in the infographic is Dante – a hero and lawyer, who made the journey from the underground. Read the full story of Dante during his journey through the nine circles of a law office. In the end, the transformation of Dante and his firm was welcomed by clients and they are happier and more satisfied than ever.



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