Like so many things in life that bring us joy, but only if we don’t overuse them, so do beverages carry one negative aspect of drinking them in excess: too many calories. You wouldn’t think one standard serving size of any drink could have a third or half of all the calories we are supposed to intake in one day, would you? Well, there are such drinks. If you are responsible towards your body and health, take a look at “How Мany Calories Do You Drink Every Day?” infographic and learn how many calories a glass of your favorite drink contains.

This way you’ll be able to make mental note to yourself about how many glasses of Coca-Cola or orange juice, shots of tequila or whiskey, or cups of espresso you can drink on a daily basis. Of course, crossing the limits once in a while can’t hurt too much, but in order to maintain healthy drinking habits, better use this infographic as your beverages calorie count guide in the future.



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