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Moving overseas is an attractive proposition for many Britons. Whether it’s for career benefits or sunnier climates, the population of the UK is drawn away from our island nation in their droves, with nearly five million British expats currently living permanently somewhere abroad. While it has long been thought that the most common type of expats were middle-aged workers or retirees, recent reports highlight how it is the younger generations that are actually fueling such high emigration figures.

Graduates and millennials are leaving the UK in record numbers, primarily drawn by the prospect of boosting their career and experiencing new cultures. Travel is high on the list of goals of Generation Y, as is gaining quality career experience, which means acquiring work placements abroad is proving a popular choice for those in their 20s and 30s. Britain has many strong ties to both European and intercontinental hubs of business, resulting in plenty of opportunities for graduates to find overseas employment if they know where to look. But there is a problem.

While 92% of graduates would consider or are considering work abroad, only 19% of employers consider their graduates to be ready for such a career move. This alarming disparity sets the tone of overseas employment, with more placements going to those older generations with more established career paths. This doesn’t mean that graduates and millennials have no hope of chasing their overseas career dreams, however. They just need to gain the right experience to impress recruiters.

Gerson Relocation, international relocation experts, have put together this infographic to help with exactly that. From critical skills to the best nations to target, discover how to get an overseas job as a graduate.

Graduate Job Opportunities How to Prepare Yourself for International-infographic-plaza


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