If you are not familiar with the Halloween origins this the right place for you. The following Halloween infographic provides useful and interesting facts about Halloween around the world.
According to the infographic, the beginning of Halloween could be traced back to the festival of Samhain, a Celtic celebration that’s around 2,500 years old. This infographic illustrates how the world celebrates the spookiest of holidays.

What is more, the infographic shows the most popular Halloween costumes. As stated in the infographic, 54 million people will throw or attend a Halloween party. Besides, over Halloween 1 million pumpkins are purchased in the UK.

You can find some great Halloween costume ideas as well as Halloween makeup facts in this infographic. Therefore, read the full Halloween infographic below to learn how Halloween is celebrated across the globe.


Source: http://blog.fancydress.com/halloween/halloween-around-world-infographic/

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