Days after the world premiere of the 24th James Bond movie „Spectre“, the 007 suits and styling are actual again. So, this infographic is created to illustrate the evolution of James Bond’s styling, suits, sunglasses and other trendy accessories over the years.

First, the infographic provides the Sean Connery styling including casual wear, tuxedo, suit and eyewear. Among them are Towelling Playsuit, Anthony Sinclair tuxedo, Three pieces with waistcoat and Wayfarer black framed sunglasses.

Next, the infographic covers the contradictory outfit of George Lazenby that includes Highland dress suit, Frank Foster shirt, Wider lapels and Gucci leather suitcase.
Furthermore, the style of Roger Moore is presented with the Safari jacket, White dinner jacket, Long jacket and Bogner 7003 white plastic frame sunglasses.

When comes to the outfit of Timothy Dalton, the illustrated clothes include leather car coat, black shawl-collar tuxedo, beige wool gabardine suit and custom made binocular glasses.
Check out the full infographic below to learn more about the styling of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.



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