Are you thinking about adding a room to your home? A second bathroom? An extra bedroom perhaps? It makes sense to add a room by renovating or extending a family home to suit changing needs. Not to mention you’ll be increasing your property value at the same time as homes with extra bathrooms, bedrooms and larger kitchens are sought after.

Whether you are looking to sell, or have a growing family, this infographic “Adding a room to your home for lifestyle or profit” has plenty of room addition ideas to help you get started and inspired. Created by RFT Solutions, building designers in Melbourne, Australia.

Extending or renovating your home can improve your lifestyle, add to your property’s value and provide an enormous sense of satisfaction. There are many ways to add a room to your home or investment property. The infographic below shows a few room addition ideas to help you get started.

For example, if you have a two story house, adding a balcony is another way to get that extra entertainment area, while also making the most of any views your property might enjoy. Home extension costs will be higher than renovating an existing space but will give you much more flexibility to add rooms that suit your needs.



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