It’s really easy to record electronic drum sets. In fact, that’s one of their biggest advantages over acoustic drums. This infographic explains what you need to know in order to get recording in a flash.

You have two mains options: audio recording and MIDI recording. Check the drum module on your electronic drum set to see what options you have available. This is also referred to as the ‘drum brain’ and it’s the module where all the pads and cymbals connect to.

Audio recording allows you to record the sounds as you hear them on your electronic drum set. MIDI recording is something different entirely, it allows you to capture the digital notes so that you can trigger samples or synths through external hardware or software. In this case, we can use software on your computer.

If your drum module supports the ability to transfer this data via USB then you’re in luck as it means less hassle and no need to purchase an external audio interface.



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