While the 4th of July is a favorite holiday for many, complete with BBQs and fun, it’s a horrific holiday for pets. Dogs and cats are terrified of fireworks, and many pets end up fleeing their homes on the 4th in fear. In fact, lost pets increase 30% between July 4-6.

K9 of Mine had released an infographic with tips on how to help keep dogs safe and calm during 4th of July fireworks. Spread these tips to help keep your canine safe this 4th!

Get your dog accustomed to the sound of fireworks so the real thing won’t seem so scary! Anxious dogs often like the feeling of security that a crate provides. For extra coziness, add fuzzy blankets and a favourite stuffed toy. Use treat-dispensing dog toys or Kong balls with peanut butter wedged inside to keep your canine focused on the fun!



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