Moving house is tough. You know that if have experienced that tedious process at least once in your life. The following infographic shows some simple steps you will need to take before you make the big move.

Before moving is important to contact utilities and services and let them know your intentions. The list of who need to be aware you are moving includes gas, water, electricity, post office, newsagents, telephone, milkman, etc. Besides, keep in touch with your bank, insurance company, doctor, dentist, and even credit card company.

Later on, around 2 months before the move, there are numerous tasks to consider. Start collecting boxes to help with the move. Decide how you are actually going to move your stuff.

The right time to notify relevant utility companies and start removing items that are not moving with you is 6 weeks before the move. What to do 2 weeks before the move? Or 1 day? Read the full infographic below for the comprehensive moving guidance.



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