Divorce is an emotionally draining process. It can also be incredibly expensive, and for the rich and famous, the sums that change hands can be truly eye-watering. When you have billions in the bank, settlements are often unthinkably high. KMJ Solicitors, the divorce lawyers in London, are back with another infographic. In this one, we take a look at some of the costliest divorces in history, and give some valuable advice about how to reduce the cost of your divorce.

Our list of the highest divorce settlements contains couples from all over the world. There are media moguls, Hollywood actors and even the first African-American billionaire. The costliest divorce settlement of all, however, goes to a Russian businessman and his former spouse.

Dmitry Rybolovlev handed his ex-wife Elena $4.5 billion when they separated in 2015, making their the biggest sum to change hands to date. That record could be eclipsed in the coming months, however, with Vladimir Potanin and ex-wife Natalia debating over a $6.75 billion settlement.

Whilst those figures are difficult for most of us to comprehend, divorce affects us all in similar ways. We are all eager to keep costs down, so here are a few ways of doing so, brought to you by the best family law solicitors in London. First of all, tell the truth. Hiding your financial affairs will only prolong the divorce process, and could also affect your settlement. Secondly, organise your financial documents to ensure that billing time with your lawyer is kept to a minimum. Thirdly, we’d suggest building your own personal credit rating, as this will have been affected by your former partner’s finances when you were together.



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