For a newborn, lip tie or tongue tie can make breastfeeding difficult for the infant and painful for the mother because the lip’s or tongue’s limited movement prevents the baby from properly latching on and drawing milk from the breast. If left untreated, it can eventually impair the child’s speech and proper tooth alignment. The newborns we treat can nurse immediately, and moms notice a very significant difference both in the quantity that the newborn consumes as well as their personal comfort while nursing. Lip tie and tongue tie can be corrected by a procedure called frenectomy.

The following infographic explains what a frenectomy is and why the tongue tie could be so bad for the infant. What is more, you will read the advantages of laser release for tongue and lip ties. Furthermore, the infographic describes how is done and provide answers to some frequently asked questions. That is why if you are considering such an operation this infographic is a must-read.


Source: http://pbpdcares.com/frenectomy-infographic/

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