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You most probably think that black ants, red ants and any other kind of ants are small insects. However, they can grow into an enormous problem for sure. For example, the inhabitants of Nigeria and all over the world suffer from ant invasion. Ants can be pesky home intruders or get into any other building. Moreover, they can take over our food and even eat our houses alive. Ants can ruin your garden potentially. In other words, ants can make your life miserable without any effort.

Therefore, you should know how to protect your home or garden from ants. So, designed the following infographic. This infographic shows TOP ways of how to get rid of ants naturally. What is more, the infographic provides some information and interesting facts about the ants.
According to the infographic, they leave trails on your floor and counter tops along with getting into your food. Additionally, ants can reproduce by cloning. It is estimated that 1 queen is reproduced into 1 million eggs! Consequently, as they make holes they can ruin your house. Besides, ants are a danger to your health as well. In case you do not know, they bite so keep an eye on them. Their bites could even evoke allergies.

To be sure that ants are far away from you and your property check out the home DIY remedies cited in this infographic. Among them are washing away the ant trail and using baby powder. Moreover, it is good idea to use natural remedies such as mint and garlic. These are natural repellents to ants. Read the full infographic below to learn the rest of the remedies against ants.

How to get rid of Ants-small


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