Marketing Flywheel is the latest business model coined by Hubspot. Marketers are increasingly shifting their business from the funnel to the flywheel. With the flywheel, you use the momentum of your happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales. Basically, your business keeps spinning.

The funnels model emphasizes on capturing= leads, engaging them and finally converting them into customers. However, this strategy can be less effective in the long term. At least when compared to the flywheel. In fact, it has a ‘linear’ approach to measuring growth.

On the other hand, flywheel provides you with a more holistic approach by putting the customer at the center. In fact, the customer becomes the driving force of the business as they refer your business to their friends.

Is this seeming like the same old marketing jargon to you?

Well, here is the first and only infographic on the marketing flywheel to ease your understanding!



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