For sure now you understand how an effective call to action can helo you turn strangers on your site in paying customers and boost conversions for your business. This infographic explains visually how the call to action boosts conversion.

First, color is what makes your visitors find your call to action button at your landing pages. Do not simply choose any color for your call to action. It is highly recommended your call to action buttons to stand out through contrasting colors.

As for the position, the spot of your call to action at your site is crucial. That is why you should avoid placing your call to action buttons in the sidebar and ensure a visible place.

As far as creativity is concerned, using the call to action buttons at your site is nothing less than an art. For that reason, be creative and experiment with your call to action buttons. However, always consider the reaction of your visitors.

Turning to shape, experiment with the shape of your call to action to analyze which shape works best for your site.


Source: https://www.truconversion.com/blog/conversion-rate-optimization/5-call-action-tips-increase-conversions/

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