The infographic focuses on boosting brand awareness and presents 4 ways to boost brand awareness. According to the infographic, 54% of people don’t trust brands, you need to work to change that. What is more, 23% of consumers won’t interact with a brand’s content again after a disappointing interaction.

The infographic reveals four key ways to do branding right. First, follow the 3 rules of brand marketing. These include being consistent, engaging over a range of platforms and providing value for followers.

It is recommended not to sniff at social media. According to a research, 71% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a brand they follow. It is estimated that on Facebook are generated 3.2 billion likes and comments on a daily basis. In terms of Pinterest proliferation, 15% of internet users use Pinterest these days.

Do not forget blogging as well. Websites with blogs have an average of 434% more indexed pages. It is an interesting fact that 36% of people prefer list or infographic based blog posts.

Next, content is key though. 200 million people use ad blockers, quality content gets past that. Content can produce amazing brand recall so it is a great solution when it comes to boosting brand awareness.



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