This is about 4 of, what are considered, to be the best cuts of steak that cow provides including Ribeye, Strip, Tenderloin, T-Bone. However, it also gives you a brief overview about how to cook them, e.g. grill, broil etc, and also what sauces you can use to compliment them.

The reason this infographic was created is because there are quite a few infographics on the internet about beef steaks, but all in a kind of dry, boring rundown. So why not make the information into easily digestible, (get it!) chunks so it becomes more interesting.

The Ribeye steak origins from the front end of the Longissimus Dorsi and it is famous for its smooth and textured taste. The cooking options very from pan frying to broiling.
In the second place, the Strip steak origins from the animal’s back and has chewy, good marbling, strong beefy flavor taste. Check out the best ways to cook all of the illustrated steaks as well as which sauces work best with each different cut.



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