You might have heard that style never goes out of fashion. Believe or not, this is the truth. If you are a fan of fine clothing, classic apparel and classy outfit, this is the right infographic for you. The following infographic is a comprehensive guide for every gentleman to fashion from head to toes. First, this fashion infographic guide shows some classic hats such as Fedora, Homburg, Porkpie, Boater, Cowboy.

What is more, a few useful quick tips are provided to help you wear hats as stylishly as you can. Furthermore, as a vital part of modern outfit this infographic illustrates popular sunglasses that fits different style. Additionally, a few tips are provided how to choose sunglasses. For example, if your face is oval then the Aviator sunglasses are perfect for you. In case of having a round face, then choose the square sunglasses. Next, the bow ties shapes are also included in the fashion infographic guide below along with tips how to choose the perfect shoes for your style.



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