Digital health is everywhere now and the digital health market is increasing every year. There are traditional healthcare players such as MedTech& Pharma as well as Institutions and payers. Meanwhile, non-traditional healthcare players are trying to make their way such as Google, Apple, Samsung and even some apparel & fashion brands. In that context, this infographic explores who the top players dominating the digital health market today are.

For MedTech and pharma companies, in recent years, digital health has transformed from ‘nice to have’ to a necessity and is now evolving into a true innovation engine. Over the past years, there have been notable examples of apparel companies partnering with technology and retails companies.

The convergence of human emotion tracking apps with glucose monitoring, sleep quality, and calorie intake all in a non-invasive and accurate manner. Today more information is available online and this is why data analytics platforms have become essential to key business decision makers.



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