Being “married to the military” brings a unique set of challenges, but luckily there are a variety of unique resources available to help. At Career Step we’ve helped over 11,000 military spouses over the years, and through that experience we have become very familiar with the MyCAA funding program.

Why does the MyCAA program exists? It is all about getting Military Spouses good jobs as quickly as possible. The MyCAA program pays tuition expenses for career-oriented programs that focus on teaching the knowledge and skills individuals will need to do a specific job. This type of training increases spouses’ chances of successfully working after graduation.

The infographic shows what MyCAA funding pays for. MyCAA offers a maximum benefit of $4,000 to cover tuition costs of an approved training program. Do know that MyCAA does not pay for books or other supplies, school fees, student activities or events, child care or transportation costs.



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