A lot has been said, discussed and written about Steve Jobs. Loved and hated but never ignored, the founder of Apple and Pixar certainly left a large footprint in business in the last three decades. Steve’s life did not begin as a fairy tale as he was given for adoption by his parents as a baby. Steve proved to be a smart kid and learned electronics from his stepfather. After that, he met Steve Wozniak and had a short and not very successful stint in college. Take a look at the Steve Jobs biography illustrated in the infographic below.

In the meantime, he went to India and practiced Zen Buddhism. Later, he started Apple together with Steve Wozniak in his garage and in a few years, Apple became a multimillion company. At the same time, he had a daughter whose paternity he denied. After getting kicked out from Apple, Jobs created Pixar and got successful one more time and after more than a decade, he returned to Apple and was appointed a CEO. There, he created the iPhone, iPad and iPod among other products before he was diagnosed with cancer. After several years of fight, he died but his products and his companies continue their work and they keep his spirit alive. Check out this infographic that depicts the life of Steve Jobs.


Via: http://fundersandfounders.com/

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