Pick your favorite trail and hike away. But don’t forget to take a travel medical insurance along. This infographic showcases 14 fantastic hiking trails in East Bay. Comment below and share the best hiking trails in East bay in your opinion.

The list includes Nimitz Way to Rotary Peace Grove, Lake Chabot Loop, East Ridge to West Ridge Loop, Flag Hill Trail, Skylike Gate Loop, Falls Trail Loop, Skyline Gate Loop, Round Top Volcanoes, Upper Seafoam Loop, Wildcat Creek Trail – San Pablo Ridge Trail Loop, Briones Crest Trail Loop, Mission Peak, Las Trampas Loop, Huckleberry Path, and Big G Hike. Find out the length of each trail and the trailhead. Among the listed are easy hiking trails in East Bay.


Source: https://www.multichoiceinsurance.com/infographics/Hiking/

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