SEO is changing. All of the spammy, algorithm-first tactics (low-quality backlinks, keyword-stuffed title tags) are headed for the dustbin. To achieve success on Google for 2018, the needs of the user must come first. The more useful your website is to any visitor, the better it will perform. With that in mind, here are 2018 resolutions for all search campaigns.

Links are no longer king. Traffic will be the key performance indicator in 2018 as the infographic states.

A blog every month offers an achievable target for a website with fewer resources. It also makes it easier to focus on creating high-quality content, which consistently performs better in the search.

Google has been using metrics related to the relevancy of results (think bounce rate) as a ranking factor for quite some time.

Read the full infographic for more quality SEO tips and strategies.


Source: http://ryanmackellar.com/

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